All About Eye Liner Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eye Liner, a fast growing beauty service

Emphasize your eyes

We use eyeliner to emphasize the shape of our eyes by accentuating the lash-line and boarding the eyelid. Permanent eyeliner can modify the shape of the eye and also fill in thin or sparse lashes. We can make your liner as thin or bold as you like, in different shades.


• The procedure of Permanent eyeliner takes approximately 1- 1.5 hours
• Client will be numbed with a cream for half hour before
• Numbing will also be applied during the procedure

Health of Skin Around Eyes:

• The eye must be healthy with no styes or irritations
• People with Glaucoma can not be treated
• If you have been using Latisse or other eye serums, it must be discontinued two (2) months previously

Eye Liner Service

Ever desire perfect liner, but can’t get the line straight? Natural or dramatic, make your eyes stand out!

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