Lip Permanent Makeup

All About Lip Permanent Makeup

Lip Permanent Makeup enhances:

• Lip Definition
• Fullness
• Correction of asymmetry and shape
• Correction of uneven pigmentation

Procedures with cosmetic pigment:

Procedures are used with Hypo-allergenic cometic pigment. Cosmetic pigment is more diluted than regular tattoo ink. For this reason the procedure is referred to as “semi-permanent”. It does exfoliate from your skin after 12-18 months.

Choosing Lip Color:

When choosing the lip color you want, you should consider that the color will fade 20-30% after healing.

Sensitivity to Herpes:

If you are sensitive to herpes, its important you take appropriate medications (consult with your doctor) because if you aren’t going to take care of it the cold sore can ruin the procedure and eventually your lips will get patchy.

Procedure Preparation:

The best way to prepare for lip procedures is to exfoliate your lips two (2) days before your appointment using a natural scrub and keep them moisturized.

The Healing process:

The healing period process after procedures takes about 7-10 days. While healing process is taking place, you may find color may be lighter.. When skin heals he color will return and after two (2) days the color will return and after two (2) weeks you will see the fullest truest color.

Lip Service

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